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Adam Ran

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam had to fend for himself from an early age. It helped form him as an independent and caring leader. In addition, he loved football, as well as going on nature treks with his family, always surrounded by all types of people, enhancing his survival skills and social competences. From kayaking to cliff-hanging, his ideal landscape always included both the sea and the mountain, both heavily affected by the massive amounts of trash that find their way into nature.

When his professional life started to take off, studying Mechanical Engineering and then shifting into FinTech, Adam started working with small businesses in the community and realized that he wanted to find a way to make a significant social and ecological impact without jeopardizing the local economy. 

Adam’s self-awareness led him to focus on areas where he could make a real contribution and allowed him to surround himself with people that complement him. A chance encounter with a member of the Naval Secret Ops Unit in which he served as an officer introduced him to Clean Coin. Adam immediately understood that this was the missing link that he needed to combine his social impact aspirations with the business acumen that he had developed. 

His vision for the company is to transform it into the industry standard for measurable impact, starting from the users’ close-knit community and expanding to city-wide, nation-wide, and eventually global campaigns.


Clean Coin Friends


Dan Ariely

Professor and author of “Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions” advises on social and economical research.

Nimrod Elmish

Alex Frenkel

founder of Colu

Rani Bender

Michal Bender Zehevi

Bringing together innovators, strategic partners, investors, entrepreneurs, experts, and customers to build disruptive companies that drive the future of their respective fields.


Gal Lahat

Founder & CTO

Gal wrote his first gaming app when he was 12. He also built his first explosive, but that’s a different story. At 14, with a little help from his friends, he defeated thousands of game developers from around the world to win his first Game Jam. From there, his passion for gaming and his love of coding led him to win numerous competitions, engage millions of users, and build his reputation among the gaming community. 

Following his passion for the environment, which was instilled in him at a very early age, Gal realized there was very little innovation focused on solving the world’s biggest problems. Clean Coin was born out of a true belief that with relatively little effort, there was a lot of impact to be achieved. 

While space and explosives are still a passion of his, Gal understood that building an gamified app for managing trash was something that could well be a game changer. 

His vision is for Clean Coin to become the leading technological platform for crowd-sourced waste management – a real-world solution combining ecology and economy.

Our Belief

We believe that good people and deeds should be rewarded.

That is why everyone wins with Clean Coin.

Our Goal

To hold available funds to improve the environment, society, and the economy at all times, no matter where and how.

Establish a connection between Ecology & Economy

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