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There is only one solution for Earth's pollution, and it's YOU!

Using a fun, crowd-cleaning platform, CleanCoin aims to make the world a cleaner place,  encouraging behavioral change through gamification and incentivization using rewards.

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Trash is being scattered far and wide, in urban and rural areas, flowing down rivers and into oceans.

Even worse, we can’t clean it fast enough.

Our planet is becoming polluted faster than ever before, this is the problem we strive to solve.

Why We Do It

Trash Creation

Cheap, easy & fast

Trash Removal

Expensive, costly & slow






Drop off





Cleaning is no fun job, so we made it a game!

We are bringing together thousands of users, through our app, helping each one do their bit, either by mapping trash, collecting it, sorting, or transporting it to recycling centers.


Once you’re done, you choose your reward - either cash, store discounts, or a donation to a worthy charity.  It's your choice.

What We're Doing

The Story

Our app lets you see, in real-time, where there is trash that needs to be cleaned up. Want to see how it works?

And there you have it.

It really is

that simple! 

Small businesses & Companies

  • Create or join campaigns

  • Expose your brand - support of the environment and community, take care of those who take action

  • Make a social, environmental, and economic impact

  • Get more online & instore traffic

  • Generating business and income via Clean Coin

  • Make a donation

What we can do for you

Trusted  By

Play the game

&Collect prizes!

  • You can get involved anywhere, anytime.

  • Get rewarded for your good deeds (if you wish).

       By either Cash, Coupons & Discounts​​

  • Make a Social, Environmental & Economic impact

  • Support green and local businesses

  • Donate - we'll join in

Trash is piling 24/7 all across the world. We should handle it the same

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